I got stationed in Norfolk, VA approximately 4 months ago. I refused to live in military housing. As I was driving around the city, I came across a real estate office. That’s where I met Sydney! I told her I was new in the area and I wanted to buy a house ASAP. I told her what my wife and I were looking for and around what areas. Sydney was quick and on point with the listing she sent me. After viewing a couple of houses, 2 weeks after she sent an offer to purchase the house I currently live in. It was crazy how fast she did everything and how smooth the transition was. A month later I was signing my contract for my new home!! Sydney nailed it on everything we were looking for. My wife and I live in a quiet/friendly neighborhood. There’s a school 2 min away from our house (pre K-8th grade), shopping centers, grocery stores, etc.. what’s even better is the fact that I’m only 12-15 min away from the naval base in Norfolk. If you’re looking to purchase/sell your house. Sydney Cooke is the person you want helping you out, trust me.