Near West End

While the West End continues to extend its reach further out west, Richmonders have lovingly bestowed the name “Near West End” upon the neighborhoods that are west of the Fan, but still in the Richmond city limits (as opposed to crossing into Henrico). This includes neighborhoods like Willow Lawn, Westhampton, and other communities that have thrived for decades and continue to hold onto their old-school charm.


  • Quiet family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Easy commute to the downtown area
  • Access to many shopping and dining experiences
  • Many parks and outdoor recreational activities

Did you know?

Originally conceived as an outdoor mall in the 1950s, the Willow Lawn Shopping Center was the first stand-alone shopping center in the Richmond area. However, it wasn’t until it was renovated in 2005 that it became the Willow Lawn that we all know and love today.