Cary Street Road

After passing through Carytown, the lively and busy Cary Street transforms into its quieter and more residential cousin, Cary Street Road. Shrouded by shady trees and stately houses, Cary Street Road runs through the high end neighborhoods of Mary Munford, Windsor Farms, and Westhampton. While still being nearby Carytown, Main Street, and downtown Richmond, the Cary Street Road neighborhood is close enough for a fun night on the town, while still being removed enough for quiet evenings in and early morning runs.


  • Quiet family-friendly neighborhood
  • Proximity to many shopping and dining experiences
  • Access to major highways

Did you know?

Windsor Farms off Cary Street Road was one of the very first planned neighborhoods in the Richmond area. Designed in the 1920s, it was actually built with cars in mind despite the fact that automobiles were not popular yet.