Byrd Park

Located just outside of the popular Maymont park, the historic Byrd Park neighborhood is a haven for anyone who loves to be outdoors. With three lakes—Shields, Swan, and Boat—and plenty of space for walking, running, and sunbathing, Byrd Park is a buzzing community full of young professionals, families, and dogs—lots of dogs! Byrd Park is also home to the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater and Ha’Penny Stage, two venues that host the popular summer-long Festival of the Arts among other events.


  • Scenic lake and riverside views
  • Proximity to Maymont and the James River Park System
  • Access to three lakes, tennis courts, softball fields, picnic shelters, and pedal boats

Did you know?

The Carillon bell tower was created as a memorial to those who died in World War I; with a total of 56 bells, the 240-foot Carillon is also one of the tallest monuments in Richmond. Listen for it on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day.